Investing and Growing Found Money

Investing and growing found free money from bank bonuses gives you one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. In fact, I can count with one hand, (okay maybe two hands), how many other experiences are this satisfying. I have been fascinated by the stock market since my teenage years. First, there is the thought of turning $1 into $2 while you sleep. Second, the stock market allows you to own a piece of a real world business, it can be APPLE, AMAZON, or GOOGLE at a fraction of the cost.. Today, we will go over how I spent the free money found in the first 40 days of the year. 

Brief Recap

As many of you recall from the previous article, in the first 40 days of the 2020, I was able to save an additional $1627. In detail, $402 came from cutting a few expenses, $330 came from 2 items sold on OfferUp, while $845 came from bank bonuses, referral programs, and free stocks. I had low expectations for this project, but after the first 40 days results, I can definitely see some scalability. 

How I invested the Money

I decided to invest the extra savings,  here is a breakdown on how i went about it: 

Etoro: $100 – Etoro is a zero commission fee platform for stocks, and crypto. In the process, I secured a $50 signup bonus. The offer is: deposit $50 and get $50 within 7 days. Sign up with this LINK and receive $50.


M1 Finance: $800 – Here is where i conduct most of my long term stocks investing. With the $800 I created a new portfolio including AMAZON, MICROSOFT, APPLE, ALIBABA, and GOOGLE.  What is great about M1 is that you can buy fractional shares, or a percentage of a share. You can get started with a low amount. Here is a LINK to receive a $10 signup bonus from M1. 


Robinhood: $300 – This is a hybrid account where i trade cryptocurrencies, and stocks. The simplicity of Robinhood is what i love the most, transfers, orders, and the communication is on point. Get a Free stock When you sign up. 

Coinbase: $300 – Coinbase is exclusively used for cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Chainlink, and many others) Here is a LINK to receive a $10 sign up bonus. 

Buy and sell Bitcoin

Youtube: $127 – This an ongoing project. My goal is to launch the best Youtube Channel for bank bonuses, investing, and money savings tips. So far, I have purchased a tripod, lights, and a camera mount. That is an inexpensive setup to get started, and to test the waters. I still need a microphone to launch the channel.



Investing free money gives you a great feeling. I am guessing this is how banks feel when they borrow money from consumers at less than 1%. Banks use their clients money, and pay them less than 1%. I want to turn each dollar earned from bank bonuses into two dollars by the end of the year. Finally, start investing early, and frequently and let compounding take care of the rest. 

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