Make extra money from bank bonuses, free stocks, and garage sales. The extra money generated from side gigs can be used for hobbies, travel, or to be invested in your future. Some of this extra money can be made online with a few clicks, while some of it can be obtained with a few hours of spare time on your weekend. Today, I will be sharing 5 methods that I have tried myself, and found successful.

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Top 5 ways of making extra money


1) Bank Bonus

bank bonus

People in general do not like to change banks, hence most big banks in the United States (think Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, US Bank) will offer you a bonus to sign up for a checking, or savings account. Smaller banks and regional banks have an even harder time acquiring new clients, so they offer you a signing bonus + a referral program. All of these bonuses can be churned. You simply open the account, meet the requirements, collect your bonus, and close the account if you wish. Make sure to read the fine print, so that you know how long the account must stay open to collect the bonus.  Most Banks do not do a hard pull on your credit, so it does not affect it.

My favorite bank bonus comes from Chime, $50 sign up bonus, plus up to $1000 in referrals. 

The requirements:

  1. Open a Chime account with a referral ( My personal Referral)
  2. Deposit $200 in Direct Deposit ( can be bypassed by simply doing an ACH transfer of $250 from another bank account. I pushed money from my Ally Bank account, took about 3 days for the funds to post, bonus posted the same day!! Quick tip, send your personal referral to your wife, follow the steps above, and you both get a sweet $50, for a total of $150 in less than a week). Email me @ if you have any questions.


2) Free Stocks

The Broker and Exchange industry has been disrupted by newer online brokers that offer zero commission trading. Most notably Robinhood, and Webull. However, client acquisition is difficult for these platforms. Both platforms have referral programs as an incentive for people to sign up. Robinhood gives you one free stock, and one free stock to the person referring you; while Webull gives you 2 free stocks with a deposit of any amount ( could be as little as $1, I’ve done this). WeBull link, Robinhood Linkl

After getting the free stocks, you can sell them and send the money back to your bank account, or you can keep the account and trade. Remember they both offer Zero commission trading, you could buy Disney stock for Zero trading fee.



3) Credit Card Rewards

Credit cards can be very dangerous for your financial health if you get too happy with your spending, However, used correctly you can be rewarded handsomely. I currently have 3 credit cards, Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card, Bank of America Cash Reward, and Chase Freedom.

Amex Blue Cash Preferred is used exclusively for groceries because it offers a 6% return on groceries. This card has a $95 yearly fee, but the breakeven point is very low at $32 per week in grocery spending. Here is a link if you want to sign up, and recieve $250 when you spend $1000 in the first 3 months.
Chase Freedom is used exclusively for rotating categories. Categories rotate quarterly and give you 5% cash back.. No yearly fee. Current Quarter 01/2020-03/2020 is Gas.
Bank of America Cash Reward is used for restaurants exclusively. It gives you a 3% cash back. No annual fee.

It is very important to pay the full balance monthly, or twice a month, so that you’re not charged interest. The interest negates any kind of reward. 


4) Garage Sales

In 2014, I took my girlfriend on vacation to San Diego for a week exclusively with money made from garage sales. At the time, I was going to college and working part-time at sears. I was short on cash. On Saturday mornings, I would wake at 5AM, have breakfast, and head out to buy cheaply at garage sales. The items found would get sold on eBay, amazon, and locally with craigslist ads. To this date, I still do this whenever possible. My favorite items to look for are: gym equipment, video games, cameras, and books. Use the amazon seller app to look up the value of items. For smaller items, look for items that you can make 3 times the cost of the item. For bigger items, i like to double my money if possible.


5) Monitoring cragslist and OfferUp

Monitor Craigslist and OfferUp daily to look for bargains. Look for items that are very cheap. Bicycles and gym equipment are easy to flip. I have bought bicycles in the morning, and resold them in the afternoon for double the price. Lastly, do not be afraid to negotiate with sellers, most people want to get rid of their items fast.




Making extra money can be as simple as a few clicks online, churning bonuses, getting free stocks, credit card rewards; or it could take a few hours a week shopping at garage sales/OfferUp and reselling the items. Whichever method you choose, I wish you the best of luck

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