Bank Bonus: How to make a quick ONE THOUSAND today

What is a bank bonus? – A Bank Bonus is a reward offered by banks, in hopes that you bank with them for the rest of your life. You see, competition for new clients is fierce between banks, so banks are forced to offer something to win new clients. Done properly, you can make a couple extra thousand dollars, easily.

                                                                                       Free Money

What do these bonuses means for me? For me, it means THOUSANDS IN FREE MONEY. Here are 5 examples that add up to more than ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

1)Chase Checking account $300 bonus: Open a new Chase Checking Account and receive $300.-Requirements: set up direct deposit ( can be bypassed with an ACH transfer from certain banks) Check the subreddit/bankbonus

-Deposit any amount via direct deposit during the first 90 days. -Keep the account open for 6 months. 


2) Wells Fargo $400 bonus: Open a new account by 1/31/2020 and receive $400 bonus. 

-Requirements: Set up direct deposit ( Can be bypassed with ACH transfer from certain banks) Check the subreddit/bankbonus

-Deposit $4000 within the first 3 months 

-No early account termination fee. ( please keep account open for a few months, so others can take advantage of this offer)

-$10 monthly fee can be avoided by having $500 in direct deposit, $1500 average balance, or by doing 10 debit card transactions)


3) PNC Bank $300: Open a new account and deposit $5000 in direct deposits (can be bypassed with ACH transfer from certain banks)

-$25 early account termination fee

-Bonus will post within 60 days

4) Chime Bank: get $50 when you sign up, and have direct deposit of $200. ( Direct Deposit can be bypassed by transferring $250 from another bank account, I USED ALLY BANK) You also get $50 for every referral you get, up to $1000 per calendar year!!!HERE IS A LINK!

5) Varo Bank: Similarly to Chime, Varo gives you $75 for signing up and setting up direct deposit., ( can be bypassed with ACH Transfer ) You also get, $75 per referral, up to $500. HERE IS A LINK.



WHy Do this?

If you have money in a regular savings account, chances are you are NOT getting a significant return. Meanwhile, the banks are lending your money at astronomical rates, and generating record profits. Why not generate 5%-25% yield by taking advantage of bank bonuses? 


bank bonus

Potential Earnings

 If you do this with your partner, you can clear THREE THOUSAND a year, EASILY. If you take it a bit more serious, 5 THOUSAND should be no problem. I consider bank bonuses to be a great method of making extra money.

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